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Aspen Pharmacare Australia is a division of Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited, the largest listed pharmaceutical company in South Africa, with market capitalization of around US$8 billion.*

Aspen commenced operations in Australia in May 2001 and since then has acquired many established brands of medicines.

illustrationThere are many tried and trusted brands in Australia which are no longer actively promoted by pharmaceutical companies because they are either off patent or their volumes are too low to warrant the cost of promotion. Sometimes in large companies turning over hundreds of millions of dollars, a $5 million product is not even on the radar screen, so to speak.

Many older products are still very effective and have individual modes of action that are not matched by newer products. They are also cost effective to the consumer and to the government. Just a simple reminder to doctors often results in renewed support as doctors often forget due simply to the enormous workload and pressure they are put under. A twist on an old saying, "Not dead but forgotten".

Another strategy of Aspen is to recruit salespeople who have strong customer relationships and are themselves liked and trusted by doctors. Most of the Aspen sales team are nearing retirement and are working part-time. Our oldest representative is over 85 and most Aspen representatives expect to work well past retirement age.

Unlike some companies, where there are multiple representatives calling on doctors to promote the same product, Aspen representatives are servicing an extensive range of products that are widely used. Because these products are reasonably well known to the medical community, sales calls are not as time consuming and certainly not as demanding. We aim to help.

In early January 2005, Transiderm-Nitro, Sandomigran and Parlodel along with some 10 other products were added to the range as a part of a strategic ten year partnership with Novartis. Our success with these products has resulted in many more such partnerships.

Since 2005 Aspen have engaged in Sales and Marketing agreements with:

  • Merck - Elocon plus other dermatology creams, oitments and lotions. Proscar.
  • GSK - a partnership including a select range of oncology products.
  • Eli-Lilly - Evista, Zyprexa
  • Vifor - Ferrum-H, Venofer
  • Abbott - Klacid
  • Flen Pharma - Flaminal, Flaminal-Hydro
  • Sanofi-Aventis - Tritace, Cardizem
  • Actavis - Neotigason, Rapilysin
  • Teva - many pipeline products

Please refer to the full product list for all currently available Aspen Pharmacare Australia products.

Our Pharmacy products are ever expanding and pharmacists should keep a watch for Aspen mailings on new products.

If Doctors or Pharmacists want more information or wish a representative to call about Aspen Pharmacare products, our contact details and an information request form can be found here.

*Aspen Year End Results Presentation 30 June 2010

Our Company

Our Pharmacy products are ever expanding and pharmacists should keep a watch for Aspen new products

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