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Aspen Acquire Portfolio Of 25 GSK Products

Aspen has reached agreement with GSK to acquire a portfolio of 25 products from GSK for the Australian market, subject to ACCC and Foreign Investment Review Board approval.

These 25 products are iconic and well established brands including Amoxil, Augmentin, Imigran, Kapanol, Lamactil, Mesasal, Timentin, Valtrex, Zantac and Zofran. Sales in calendar year 2011 for these products were $127 million, although the impact of patent expiry and price disclosure means declining revenues are expected in the current and future years.  We believe that our ability to re-invigorate older brands will see the brand equity inherent in these products enhanced.

These products are an excellent fit with Aspen Australia’s current portfolio, complementing our existing range and will strengthen our position as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Australia. 

Content Last Reviewed On July 16, 2018

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