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UPDATE in relation to Di-Gesic (dextropropoxyphene HCl 32.5 mg/paracetamol 325 mg) and Doloxene (dextropropoxyphene napsylate)

Please click on the 'Read full article' link below for an update on the current situation with Di-gesic and Doloxene.

– Aspen confirms that the Therapeutic Goods Administration will not appeal the decision of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)in relation to the ongoing supply of medications containing dextropropoxyphene.

– While the new conditions which will apply to the registrations of these products take effect from 10 October 2013, the requirements involving the use of Prescriber Confirmation Forms – for doctors if prescribing and pharmacists if dispensing – DO NOT come into operation immediately.

– Aspen will provide further details in relation to the conditions imposed by the AAT and the arrangements for supply of these products before the conditions are implemented. This information will be communicated to doctors and pharmacists directly, and posted to the Aspen website (under News and Media):

Aspen remains out of stock of both Di-Gesic and Doloxene, and it is not clear at this stage when supply will resume. Aspen will keep you informed of further developments in relation to supply of stock.

Content Last Reviewed On July 16, 2018

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